2019 Holy Week & Bright Week Schedule

The End of the Great Fast & the Beginning of the Higher Fast of Holy Week

BEHOLD THE BRIDGROOM COMETH!  During the first service on Palm Sunday evening, the priest carries the icon of Christ the Bridegroom into the church. The icon is brought to the front of the church and remains there until Holy Thursday. The icon depicts Christ as the Bridegroom of the Church, bearing the marks of his suffering, yet preparing the way for a marriage feast in his Kingdom. He is dressed in the icon according to the mockery of the Roman guards just prior to his crucifixion.



Here is the schedule which is also available on our parish calendar. 


Lazarus Saturday, April  20

9:30am Divine Liturgy / Palm Cross making following Liturgy / 11a-1p Mystery of Holy Confession

The Feast of Palm Sunday, The Entrance of Our Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, April 21

9:30am Divine Liturgy with blessing of Palms and Pussy Willows

Holy Monday

7pm Presanctified Liturgy / followed by the Mystery of Confession

Holy Tuesday

7pm Presanctified Liturgy / followed by the Mystery of Confession

Holy Wednesday

7pm Mystery of Holy Unction / followed by the Mystery of Confession (***Final day for Holy Confession before Pascha)

Holy Thursday

9:30am Vesperal Liturgy (Mystical Supper) / 7pm Twelve Passion Gospels (Matins of Friday)

Holy and Good Friday

9:30am Royal Hours / 7pm Vespers and Procession of the Holy Shroud

Holy Saturday

9:30am Vesperal Liturgy


PASCHA, the Feast of Feasts, The Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, April 28

8:45 am Resurrection Matins / Paschal Divine Liturgy / Blessing of Paschal Baskets / Children's Egg Hunt


Bright Monday

9:30am Paschal Divine Liturgy with Gospel Procession